What is Geospatial Toolkit?

Open Foris Geospatial Toolkit is a collection of command-line utilities for processing of geographical data. It aims to simplify the complex process of transforming raw satellite imagery for automatic image processing to produce valuable information. It is particularly useful for processing big amounts of raster data, and provides a wide range of functionalities including image manipulation, statistics, segmentation and classification. The tools have been tested mainly in Ubuntu Linux environment although can be used with other linux distros, Mac OS, and MS Windows (Cygwin) as well.

Most of the stand-alone programs use GDAL libraries and many of the scripts rely heavily on GDAL command-line utilities.


The Open Foris Geospatial Toolkit (OFGT) contains functionalities for radiometric harmonization, image segmentation and image arithmetic, as well as image statistics, feature extraction and other image processing analysis. The great potential of OFGT is its capacity to deal with large data sets. First of all the processing itself takes a fraction of time than with conventional software. And second, automatized data processing makes applications repeatable, which is of high advantage for many projects.