Example data set

The example data set provides raster and vector files that help you getting familiar with the OpenForis Geospatial Toolkit commands. All tools and exercises are built using these files. Alternatively, you can play around with your own datasets and download necessary imagery from USGS using Earth Explorer.

The example data set contains four folders and a text-file called README.txt. The text file lists again the files contained in the data set.

The folders are

  • images: Contains raster images, ranging from satellite images to classified images.
    • forestc.tif - forest cover
    • landsat_t1.tif - a Landsat satellite image for time 1
    • landsat_t2.tif - a Landsat satellite image for time 2
    • segments.tif - the segments, each of them labelled with a unique number
    • vcf_2010.tif - Vegetation Continuous Fields 2010 (proportional estimates for vegetative cover types), for more information on this data set see the Opens external link in new windowVCF website.
  • shapefiles: Contains three shapefiles, each of them consisting of several files.
    • cloud.shp - polygons for clouds
    • landuse.shp - landuse
    • training.shp - training data points for classification
  • txt: Contains two space separated text files.
    • sample_landuse.txt - some points with the landuse at that point
    • training.txt - training data points
  • results: This folder is still empty, but is used to save the results of your calculations with the OFGT tools.

Download the file OFGT-data.zip from Opens external link in new windowhere and save it at a location of your choice. Double-click to open and extract the file.

To download the example data set, please follow these steps:

Create a working directory and navigate ther, for example to your Desktop

cd ~/Desktop/ 

Download the data

wget www.openforis.org/fileadmin/docs/geospatialToolkit/OFGT-data.zip 

Unzip the archive and navigate to the created OFGT-data folder

unzip OFGT-data.zip 
cd OFGT-data