Key features

The OpenForis Geospatial Toolkit (OFGT) aims to simplify the complex process of transforming raw satellite imagery into valuable information through automatic image processing. The tools contain functionalities for radiometric harmonization, image segmentation and image arithmetic, as well as image statistics, feature extraction and other image processing analysis. The great potential of OFGT lies in its capacity to deal with large data sets. First of all the processing itself takes a fraction of time than with conventional software. And second, automatized data processing makes applications repeatable, which is of high advantage for many projects.

For this purpose, the tools were built to be command-line based. Do not be afraid of using the terminal, because the terminal is your friend! It makes processes repeatable, and following the instructions on this website, you can easily copy and paste the code from the website to your terminal and thus familiarise yourself with the functionalities.
Give it a try and just start playing around following the tutorials and instructions you can find on this website. It includes instructions about the Opens internal link in current windowinstallation of the OFGT on several operating systems and how to use the Opens internal link in current windowcommand line. Every tool is presented in the Opens internal link in current windowtools & exercises part. The available exercises have been built around an Opens internal link in current windowexample data set that you can download and use to familiarise yourself with the wide range of functionalities of the toolkit. Most information is furthermore contained in the User Manual that you can download as pdf.